Burgers’ Smokehouse

In 1927, when E.M. Burger cured his first country ham, he was focused on making a great product and providing for his family.

Today, he would be proud to know the company has expanded into a full line of cured and smoked meats and that the Burgers’ family is still making sure everything with their name on it, meets the same quality that was demanded by their founding family member.

Burgers’ Smokehouse is indeed a family affair, with the fourth generation of the family involved today. They are located north of the Lake of the Ozarks, and are focused on doing what they do best – making ham, bacon, and other mouthwatering smoked and cured meats. The idea for their products came from their German heritage and a dry cure rub recipe from E.M. Burger’s mother. From there, those traditional artisan processes came to life, and today, a majority of the products handcrafted by Burgers’ Smokehouse are still cured with a dry rub, no water added process before aging the meat and then slow smoking or cooking to perfection.

Popular with customers from Missouri and across the country, Burgers’ Smokehouse is the centerpiece on many holiday tables, the star of the gift giving season and has become popular as a quick weeknight meal. Everything from hams to bacon samplers, to fully cooked barbecue meats are made with great taste, high quality, and bold flavor in mind.

If you find yourself in the Central Missouri area, Burgers’ Smokehouse has a visitor’s center and factory country store open Monday-Friday, where they welcome guests to learn more about their heritage and shop many of their products.

Burgers’ Smokehouse has a full line of products available in select retailers and menus across the country, as well as, online at www.smokehouse.com.

Visitor’s Center & Factory Country Store located at: 32819 Hwy 87 South, California, MO 65018