City BBQ

When a national award–winning barbeque team opens a BBQ joint, you know you’re in for the real deal. But City Barbeque, founded in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio, definitely isn’t resting on its laurels. Self-described as “100% dedicated to the craft of barbeque,” the company continues to rack up national and local awards for best barbeque while staying true to its original vision of serving others and creating happiness.

While ‘que aficionados will recognize influences from some of the nation’s most renowned BBQ regions on the menu, City Barbeque doesn’t stick to any one style, instead opting to combine the best of the best. That goes for its staff, too. From the pit master to the cashier, everyone in the joint seems to pride themselves on providing the genuine article.

So what’s on the menu? Well, we should start with their American Royal Invitational World Champion Brisket, smoked to perfection and genuinely mouthwatering. You should see the size of their smoked half chickens. Competition-quality St. Louis-cut ribs, succulent turkey, and good ol’ pulled pork all make an appearance, but why not try the “More Cowbell,” named one of the best sandwiches in America a few years back. The sides menu has all the classics—including collards, corn pudding, and a killer potato salad—and they’re all made from scratch. We can’t say it any better than City Barbeque: “This is barbeque in its truest form, created by people who are dedicated to doing it right.”

Today, City Barbeque joints can be found throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and North Carolina, but with BBQ this good, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it spread to the likes of Atlanta and Chicago in the very near future. For more info, check out