Dark Horse Brewing Company

The Dark Horse Brewing Company, located in Marshall, Michigan, is arguably a very well-known brewery, even though it caters to dry humor and inside jokes. Adored by all locals who know it, Dark Horse produces some of the most fun and tastiest beers around. With wooden mugs and eccentric drawings scattered about the taproom and facility, you’ll recognize the quirky, uniqueness of both the brewery and the man behind it all, Aaron Morse. He is a go-getter and no-nonsense beer guru that playfully (no, seriously!) asks that you do not play AC/DC on his jukebox while enjoying your beer.

The fun signs and authentic, rocker vibe that the place gives off is more than enough to keep like-minded individuals coming back, and will have those that are wary of the style interested enough to step through the doors, at least once. While Dark Horse calls Michigan home, it has long since blossomed from a local gem. Today, Dark Horse beer can be found as west as the Dakotas and as far south as the Carolinas.

Take a $10 tour next time you’re around, which will get you a pint glass, tasting in the VIP Loft, and a complete tour of the production facility. These tours are only available on Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 6pm, so be sure to plan around one of those days. The Taproom is otherwise open graciously, with Fridays and Saturdays up and running until midnight, so you can check out what Dark Horse is brewing at your own pace.

With beers like Scotty Karate and Scary Jesus Rock Star, you can’t go wrong. If you enjoy dark beers, your life will change upon trying their stouts. Go for the Fore Smoked Stout or the Plead the 5th Stout, when available. For those of you that are bourbon & stout lovers, you’ll want to buy as much of the Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th as you can. Seriously, it’s that good.