Lindsborg is known as “Little Sweden USA,” and has a unique charm all its own. Take a Lindsborg tour to really experience the authenticity of the town. The tours are offered through the visitor’s center, and can last all day, depending on which one you choose to attend. Many different events and summer festivals are happening in Lindsborg, but the Svensk Hyllningsfest is worth a visit if you’ll be around in October. Beginning on October 13th, the festival is a biennial celebration of the Swedish culture and settlers that came to the area in the late 1800s. With an array of ethnic foods and cultural dances and music, you will feel like you’re spending the day in Sweden, rather than in Kansas.

The Midsummer’s Festival is happening this year on Saturday, June 17th, and is a national Swedish holiday, and therefore one of the biggest annual festivals in the area. Expect to see the raising of the Midsommarstång, the Midsummer Pole or May Pole, which signifies the ring dance. The ring dance is a traditional dance to celebrate the summer and the setting of the sun, which brings to new life and a new season with everything in bloom and vibrant. In Sweden, this holiday rivals the importance of Easter and Christmas, so the traditions stand firm and true.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and boats lively botanical gardens, the Cowtown Museum, the Museum of World Treasures, the Wichita Art Museum, and much more. The botanical gardens, Botanica Wichita, open in 1987 and has sense been adding to their four original gardens. They now have over thirty additional gardens, all with different themes and exhibitions. The Children’s Garden is great for little ones, and the other themed gardens are magical for all ages, like the Chinese Garden of Friendship and the Butterfly Garden. Adult admission is only $7, and with more than 4,000 different plant species, the gardens will keep your senses busy for a full day of fun.

If gardens aren’t your thing, but you enjoy wildlife, head to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, where you’ll find exotic animal species in a serene atmosphere. You can also host a variety of different parties and events at this “premier event facility,” so if you’re looking for a unique place to choose as a venue for your next upcoming occasion, the Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a great choice. General admission to the park is only $19.99 and the park offers special behind-the-scenes experiences, such as swimming with penguins or a signature animal meet and greet!

Topeka is the capital city of Kansas and in the spotlight for good reason. There are plenty of annual events to attend, including the Sunflower Music Festival, the Spirit of Kansas Blues Festival, and Fiesta Mexicana. The Sunflower music festival attracts world-renowned musicians to play orchestra concerts and chamber music, as well as jazz. The Spirit of Kansas Blues Festival is a favorite among the locals, and hosts blues musicians from all over the United States, as well as tons of great food. There is no admission charge for the festival, which takes place on July 4th at Lake Shawnee. The festival is put on by the Topeka Blues Society and this year will be its 5th year.

Fiesta Mexicana is a fundraiser that hosts a jalapeño-eating contest, as well as two stages with multiple acts, including authentic dances and cultural traditions. Enjoy traditional music, street parades, and Mexican foods as you walk around the Oakland neighborhood, where the festival will be in full swing for five nights in July. Be sure to check out events listed on www.visittopeka.com, and read up on the “17 things to do in 2017,” where you will find information on touring the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, as well as attending fairs, dinner shows, and art walks.