Maharishi Vedic City

Located in southeast Iowa, Maharishi Vedic City is Iowa’s newest and most unique city, where the theme of ideal life is a hallmark. From architecture to preventative health care to organic farming to group meditation practice, the city strives to create a community that is supportive of all life and enriching to everyone.

The 1000-acre core of the city is designed in the shape of 10 mandalas—circular subdivisions around a larger circle. All structures in the city are built according to Maharishi Vastu® architecture, a system of design based on the principles of how nature functions, featuring unobstructed views of the rising sun and specific room placement to favor good health, sound sleep, good fortune, and growth to enlightenment. The effect is remarkable! You may not want to leave after spending a night in one of our hotels!

The Raj AyurVeda Health Spa offers prevention-oriented health care that includes a range of alternative treatment options, from day spa to in-residence treatments. Travelers enjoy the benefits of day spa treatments and overnight stays, leaving with a sense of well-being and the experience of the tranquility of Maharishi Vedic City. Open to the public for Sunday brunch, the organic and vegetarian Raj Restaurant offers the perfect opportunity to chat with our friendly residents. Call (800) 864-8714 or (641) 472-9580 for hotel and restaurant reservations.

Another option for short or long term stays is the beautiful Rukmapura Park Hotel, one of the largest natural timber structures in the Midwest, with in-suite kitchens and laundry facilities. Call (866) 472-1008 or (641) 469-1919 for reservations.

Not to be missed is the Maharishi Vedic Observatory—one of the few of its kind in the world. The purpose of this precise set of sun dials is to align your awareness with the mathematical precision of the universe, creating balance in mind and body.

The city attracts international interest as home to Maharishi University of Management’s College of Vedic Medicine and its David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts. It is also home to the David Lynch Foundation, which offers the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation® program to at risk populations around the world.

Natural, non-chemical farming and land management is in the city code, and agricultural land, which comprises 80% of the city, is certified organic by the USDA. The entire city is registered on the sensitive crop registry in Iowa, to protect the organic land, organic Radiance Dairy, and the bees who make their home in numerous hives. North of the city you can visit the city’s organic greenhouse operation, which provides Maharishi Vedic OrganicSM vegetables year-round for community supported agriculture, university food services, grocery stores and restaurants across Iowa and the country. Vedic Organic vegetables are unique, even among organic vegetables, in that they are influenced at eight stages of their life by Vedic melodies.

The vision for the future of Maharishi Vedic City includes extending the trails and roads to encircle the mandala neighborhoods, building an enlightened assisted living center based on the principles of Maharishi Vastu® architecture and preventative medicine, attracting more businesses related to health and well-being, and building a glorious City Center with a twelve-story tower to house all the knowledge brought to light from the ancient Vedic tradition by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, for whom the city is named.

If you are visiting neighboring Fairfield and Maharishi University of Management, combine your visit with a stay in one of our hotels. Join us for an afternoon, a day, a week or longer!