Marshall County, Indiana

We would love to welcome your group tour, event, meeting, conference, reunion, wedding, or whatever sort of gathering you have in mind. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our diverse landscapes—from lakeshore to rich farm lands. Activities that range from fly fishing to biking. Attractions such as the Chapel in the Corn Field. As well as incredible lodging, restaurants and meeting facilities that welcome groups with genuine hospitality. But your favorite memory of meeting in Marshall County will probably be the laid-back, relaxing atmosphere.

Marshall County nestled in the heart of Northern Indiana offers a relaxing atmosphere for group tours. The Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau is a member of several organizations that work with the Motorcoach industry to give us the opportunity to put together itineraries covering the whole state. Let us know what type of attractions you and your group would like to visit and the approximate route you would like to travel and we will help you put a trip together.

It’s one of the happiest days of your life. And whatever your wedding dreams might be, we can make those dreams a reality in Marshall County. Do you picture an idyllic Country Inn setting? A stunning lakeside Resort setting? A spectacular Banquet Hall setting? This is the place to let go of those wedding day jitters and just relax and enjoy your celebration.

The way we see it, the most successful meeting locations encourage you to change your point of view. After all, you can’t solve issues with the same thinking that created them in the first place. That’s why Marshall County is the ideal place to meet. Our country roads, wide-open spaces and laid-back hospitality are a nice break from the non-stop, elbow-to-elbow routine of office life. Of course, bringing your group, gathering or meeting to Marshall County doesn’t exactly ensure there’ll be no distractions but you are sure to find a fair share of quiet places to think.

For more information, or for help planning your meeting in Marshall County, contact Marshall County at 574-936-1882 or email at