Pinckney Bend Distillery

The Pinckney Bend Distillery has a history as rich as the spirits it offers to its customers. Located in New Haven, Missouri, the distillery actually uses the water from the nearby Missouri River to produce an authentic taste in their gin, vodka, and whiskey.

The small and upcoming town of Pinckney Bend in the 1800s was known for its whiskey, where Lewis and Clark passed through during their expeditions. Clark noted in a historical journal that her had purchased two gallons of whiskey from a citizen. The Pinckney Bend itself was said to be a “navigational hazard,” in which many boaters rounded the corner only to wreck their steamboats.

Because of the well-rounded and deep-rooted history of the area, the Pinckney Bend Distillery stayed true to its heritage and named the distillery accordingly. Today, the distillery is producing “premium quality, hand-crafted spirits worthy of their heritage, one small batch at a time.”

Try the new Hibiscus Gin, which can also be purchased with the distillery’s very own tonic syrup. Their hand-crafted American Vodka made the “10Best” list from USA Today, and their whiskey has won countless awards and medals, including the gold. Using locally-sourced – and according to them, the best! – white oak, the young corn whiskey is rested for a period of time in the burnt white oak barrels, which gives the Rested Whiskey a flavor that is both unique to the area and the distillery itself.

Visit the tasting room, open daily from noon to 6pm, where you can sample all of the different spirits they make at the Pinckney Bend Distillery. Call ahead for large group tastings, and be sure to visit for information on new concoctions and updated events.