Six Flags Great America & Six Flags St. Louis

 Six Flags is a very well-known regional amusement park chain, with two locations in the Midwest. The Great America park is in Chicago, Illinois. The St. Louis location is in Eureka, Missouri. Either of these amusement parks are a great choice for a day of family fun in the summertime. Pick the closer of the two (to you) and head out for an amazing day of thrill rides and other attractions.

Six Flags has many different events going on during the summer, such as national funnel cake day, holiday celebrations, coasters after dark, and longer summer operating hours. At the Chicago location, thrill rides include the American Eagle, the Demon, and Goliath. The Demon is one of the first roller coasters in the world to feature a double corkscrew turn, and Goliath is the monster of all wooden roller coasters, being the tallest, steepest, and fastest! Family rides for younger children are available at the park as well, including the Columbia Carousel and the Buccaneer Battle, a ride in a boat featuring interactive water guns.

Six Flags St. Louis features different roller coasters that will deliver an equally thrilling adrenaline rush, including the Screamin’ Eagle, Boomerang, and American Thunder, another classic wooden coaster with drops getting up to 50 miles per hour! The water park is also a favorite here, with the lazy river at Gully Washer Creek, or for the water-loving daredevil, the Bonzai Pipeline, a 60-story waterslide that drops you out of a tube with a trap door at nearly 40 miles per hour! You can purchase one-day tickets to Six Flags for as low as $45, or buy a season pass if you plan on attending more than once this summer. Six Flags also features exclusive dining and shopping options, as well as season-long live entertainment, which is great for the entire family.