The Raj

For over 24 years, The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center has been providing award-winning Ayurveda programs in America’s heartland.  Ayurveda, a 6000-year-old system of natural health care, specializes in restoring balance and strengthening the body’s inner healing abilities. Ayurveda is the fastest growing system of alternative and complimentary health care in America and provides a practical and helpful approach to many modern-day health concerns.


Wellness Consultations


The Raj invites you to experience an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation with our internationally acclaimed experts. Ayurveda was the first health science to recognize that each individual has a unique constitution, and that recommendations must be customized for each individual. During your consultation, you’ll learn about your mind/body type and how this predisposes you toward various physical tendencies, moods, cravings, and behavior. Ayurveda can help you to understand how all aspects of your life are interrelated and contribute positively or negatively to your overall well-being. A customized program will be designed to start you on the path to increased health and vitality.



Purification and Detoxification Therapies One of the specialties at The Raj is the traditional Ayurvedic approach to purification and detoxification, known as Panchakarma. This luxurious series of therapies is designed to remove impurities from the body, reset the digestive process, and re-activate the body’s natural healing abilities.


Over the course of our lifetime, our bodies accumulate impurities and imbalances. Some of these impurities come from poor digestion, diet, lifestyle choices, and stress. Others are toxins that come from our air, water, and environment. Eventually these impurities can clog our cells, arteries and tissues, disrupting proper functioning in those areas. The result? Complications ranging from headaches, insomnia and chronic fatigue to degenerative disorders such as heart disease and arthritis.


If you are not feeling like you did in your twenties, chances are it is because your body is no longer able to function in the same, effortless way. The treatments at The Raj renew the physiology, resulting in documented benefits which include normalization of blood pressure, increased resistance to disease, reduced cholesterol levels, weight control and decreased signs of aging. As balance is restored, you’ll experience a more energetic physiology, a clearer mind, and increased well-being.


Not only do guests go home feeling renewed in body and spirit, they also report that the benefits from their stay continue to grow after they have returned home.


Start your journey to health with Ayurveda. Call now to schedule an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation and receive a special discount.