Plymouth, WI

   The cheese capital of the world. A place of rich, German heritage. A town where children choose to remain, raise families, and a few generations later, they are happy they stayed close to their roots. Yet, it’s where kind hearted souls welcome brand new families both into their community and everyday lives. Our town is Plymouth, and we’re very proud of it.

   Located in southeastern Wisconsin, Plymouth upholds small town, Midwestern values; where else will you find Antoinette, a fiberglass Holstein cow statue, weighing over 1,000 pounds, built in acknowledgment of the cheese making industry? And the brick exteriors of local businesses featuring the 25 murals that the Walldogs, a group of artists from around the world, painted in the summer of 2011 shouldn’t be missed?

   Without a doubt, it’s these tangible aspects and strong sense of community that give Plymouth the unique charm that entices visitors to return again and again. However, they’re not the only ones who’ve noticed our great town; in the spring and summer of 2014, comedian John McGivern and host of the PBS show Around the Corner with John McGivern, which chooses one Wisconsin town to explore per episode, visited Plymouth to capture our agriculture, business, and education.

   In a town of about 8,500, one can expect the friendliness, camaraderie, and closeness that coincide with knowing your neighbors. Our small businesses embody this as well. When customers enter a store, whether the establishment offers one-of-a-kind antiques, boutique and consigned clothes, or paintings and handmade art, they can expect to be treated with casual conversation and the upmost professional care in conjunction with quality products and a homey atmosphere.

      Despite all the progress within our industries, locals aren’t all work and no play; Plymouth boasts many special events throughout the year for its citizens.

   In fall, Homecoming is king; the high school’s week of festivities like Powderpuff and Boys’ Volleyball, the pep rally, parade, football game, and dance are great fun for students, parents, and all community members.

   On Thanksgiving weekend, everyone enjoys the Christmas parade. Whether it’s just coat weather or a freezing winter wonderland, the turnout is always impressive. For New Years’, a wacky tradition called “The Cheese Drop” draws crowds as an 80-pound Styrofoam cheese wedge is slowly lowered around midnight. 

   In Wisconsin, spring is probably the most beloved season. But the biggest sign of changing seasons isn’t weather, but the opening of everyone’s favorite locally owned drive-in burger joint, Chester’s. Come May, parade time rolls around again with Memorial Day.

   In summer, the Chamber of Commerce puts on the annual Mill Street Festival, a day filled with music, food, and shopping along Mill Street. In late summer, adults socialize at the Jazz Crawl, a night of dancing, food and wine, and jazz music. Plymouth also is fortunate to host the Sheboygan County Fair. With fair food, rides, games, animal showings, derbies and rodeos, and the art and food competitions, there’s something for everyone.

   When it comes to vacationing spots in the Midwest, nothing beats Plymouth, Wisconsin. Let us show you what makes the cheese capital of the world worth seeing. Let us share our stories. Here and only here can you enter as a tourist and leave feeling like a local. Visit us. Experience our culture.