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Happy Hour int the Heartland

Chippewa Falls

Jun 07, 2017Comments off

Chippewa Falls is positioned on the invisible line of the Northwoods of Wisconsin. In Chippewa Falls we invite you to GO! GO taste, GO explore, GO dive

Wollersheim Winery

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Head to Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin for a glass of vino from an award-winning winery, 45 years in the making. 1972 marked the year that

Dark Horse Brewing Company

Jun 07, 2017Comments off

The Dark Horse Brewing Company, located in Marshall, Michigan, is arguably a very well-known brewery, even though it caters to dry humor and inside jokes.

Pinckney Bend Distillery

Jun 07, 2017Comments off

The Pinckney Bend Distillery has a history as rich as the spirits it offers to its customers. Located in New Haven, Missouri, the distillery actually