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La Crosse’s 57th Oktoberfest Celebration

La Crosse’s 57th Oktoberfest Celebration

September 28th – October 1st, 2017


Five things to know before you go:

1) The Golden Keg

The Tapping of the Golden Keg is held on Friday morning and is a festival highlight for many. Craft Beer Night is held the evening before the Tapping, so if you can handle both of these events, along with the Maple Leaf Parade on Saturday, you are a true Oktoberfest professional and (perhaps) deserve your own button.

2) Maple Leaf Parade

100,000 people come to watch this 3-mile parade throughout La Crosse. Marching bands and floats ensure there is plenty of music, clapping, and laughing. Coolers come filled with a multitude of beverages, and the jovial mood is shared by all. Where else can you Polka with strangers?

3) Torchlight Parade

This is a must for families, and now marks the first night of fest. If you have never attended an evening parade, you must experience it. Watch marching bands and floats go by all decked out in glow sticks. Everything thing is lit up, including houses along the route.

4) Celebrity Spotting

The word is out nationally on how great this festival is, so you are bound to see celebrities. Do you ever watch the TV show American Pickers on the History Channel, featuring Frank Fritz? He loves Oktoberfest, too.

5) Men in Lederhosen

You cannot deny there are a lot of people dressed in German clothing who walk around kissing strangers and handing out buttons. The website warns: “Other patrons may dress in authentic garb as well so if you approach someone in German-style wear, please ask first if they are part of the Oktoberfest organization.” In other words, just don’t assume you can kiss anyone in German gear. Enjoy!

Find out more at www.explorelacrosse.com